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Our Mission

Leverage a Cutting-Edge Way of Trading With Vector

We provide reliable, top-notch service to professional traders paired with the Takion trading platform. We are the exclusive provider of Takion outside of the United States, allowing our traders to easily outpace the competition. Our service is backed by years of experience, second-to-none trade support in collaboration with our clients.

Vector Has Been Recognized Globally, as the Leader in U.S Equities Markets

Through our innovative uses of technology and growth opportunities, we successfully develop our clients’ trading business, from the top down. This includes:

  • the Takion trading platform
  • trade support
  • training for teams
  • a long-term commitment to clients’ success.
Through Takion Integration and Through Our Constantly Improving Processes, We Maximize Our Traders’ Performance While Providing the Highest Level of Service."

Vector Trading Solutions, Leading the Race in Equity Trading

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The services and products offered by Vector Trading Solutions are not being offered within the United States (US) and not being offered to US Persons. Vector Trading Solutions is a fully licensed Broker/Dealer under the regulations of the Cayman Island Monetary Authority. We are unable to extend our services to you at this time.